An eBook Sleeve

Today I was poking around Pinterest (surprise, surprise) and saw a neat felt electronics case on The Purl Bee (a new favorite blog!) that I was really inspired by.  When you're done here, head on over to there and check out their virtual treasure trove of tutorials, and inspirational projects -- they are doing some excellent stuff!

Back to this project: I made a few adjustments on my own -- mainly not doing the same closure method that they had outlined.  Poking through the fabric stash, some leftover laminated cotton caught my eye, so I whipped that out and got to work drafting up a pattern!

After a little finagling, and digging through the button collection for something fun, here's the finished product:

I was feeling a little inspired by the London Olympics, so to go along with the very proper black and white houndstooth, a little UK underground button was the perfect little finishing touch!

It did come out a little bit snug, so next time around I would probably add another 1/2" to 3/4" for some breathing room.  Maybe a faux button closure with some hook-and-loop underneath for a little less hassle closure.

What Olympics inspired projects are you working on this summer?


  1. Really pretty, I like your tutorial, the explanations sound clearer to me than on the other blog - which is by the way an excellent one too.
    I still don't have a sewing machine, but as soon as I do, I will get inspiration from you tutorial to make it !

  2. This is so CUTE ...FIESTA :)